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The Principle Effect

Lunge On the V2Max Reformer
Lunge On the V2Max Reformer

Pilates is a gentle, non-aerobic exercise method that can be performed by people of all ages and abilities.

It emphasises precision of movement rather than strength and endurance and helps lengthen and strengthen muscles and improve posture but without placing undue stress on either the joints or the heart.

Just some of the benefits of taking a regular Pilates class include:

  • Longer, leaner muscles
  • Better posture
  • A stronger core
  • Improved stability
  • Better mobility
  • More resilience to injury
  • More fluidity of movement
  • Better balance between strength & flexibility
  • Heightened body awareness

At Principle Pilates we are leading advocates for STOTT PILATES and Merrithew™ Mindful Movement techniques. STOTT PILATES is a contemporary expression of Pilates’ original exercise system that has been updated with better information on postural alignment, exercise science and rehabilitation. It  has a broad range of application, including:

  • Sportspeople wanting to build core strength, improve flexibility and increase movement efficiency
  • Elite athletes who want to prevent or address injuries
  • Rehabilitation and prenatal/postnatal clients who want to enhance their fitness
  • Adults that are getting a little older who want to continue enjoying an active lifestyle in their later years

If you’re interested in finding out more about the history of Pilates then this article might be of interest to you.

“Movement should be approached like life – with enthusiasm, joy and gratitude – for movement is life and life is movement. And we get out of it what we put into it.”

Ron Fletcher – Pupil of Joseph Pilates

How We Work

At Principle Pilates we want you to get the very best out of the time you spend with us, which is why our programmes are designed around you and your specific needs.

We make an initial assessment of what you want from your Pilates programme and where you are in that journey.  We discuss your lifestyle,  medical history and any mobility or other issues that you would like to address. We do a static postural assessment and a basic movement analysis. Together, these provide the basis for developing a programme tailored to you which we will enhance and develop with you over time.

Through a series of one-to-one sessions with an instructor, we introduce you to the STOTT PILATES system, teach you the core techniques needed to exercise correctly and work with you towards correcting any specific issues we have identified together.

If we think that it would be helpful, we may suggest a consultation with one of our Physiotherapists or, if you already have a Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor that you see on a regular basis, we will work with them to build out your Pilates programme.

Once you are comfortable with the core techniques and you start to make progress towards achieving your goals, we will offer you the option of joining a Group Class where we think you will feel comfortable exercising in a group setting.

When structuring your programme and designing the Group Classes we blend together different exercise  modalities and  equipment in a way that we think will produce the best results for you. We find this more effective than running classes that focus exclusively on one specific piece of apparatus or style of exercising.


Abdominal Challenge on the Box and V2 Max Reformer
Abdominal Challenge on the Box and V2 Max Reformer

The methods and apparatus we currently use include:


  • ZEN•GA®


  • V2 Max™ Reformers
  • Cadillac units
  • Barrels
  • Stability chair
  • Stability balls

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference, in 30 you’ll have a new body.”

Joseph Pilates

Not Sure Whether This Is Right For You?


Private Sessions

Each session is one hour long and are available on either a 1-2-1 basis or, if you have a friend or partner that you would like to train with, a 1-2-2 basis.

Group Classes

With a maximum of 6 participants, Group Classes are motivational, functional and fun – ensuring safe and effective exercise with attention to form throughout.


Terms of Booking


All classes must be pre-paid by the 5th of each month in order to guarantee your place. 

We operate a 24 hour cancellation policy. Cancellations on the day cannot be carried forward.

Group Classes

There are three ways in which you can book and pay for Group Classes:

Regular Monthly Booking for One or Two Classes per Week

Regular monthly bookings will be will be charged in 12 monthly installments of £46 per month for a single class per week or £85 for two classes per week. The advantages this provides are:

  • You have no worries over whether you have pre-paid for your classes
  • The cost is spread over a 12 month period
  • You pay the same amount whether there are 4 or 5 classes in the month
  • You have priority if you need to catch up on any missed classes

Pay As You Go

Classes are charged as monthly blocks at £14 per class.

If you miss a class then providing you have notified us 24 hours in advance then we will try to reschedule your class if there is availability. People paying by 12 month standing order will be given priority however.

Drop In Classes

If you are an existing client and would like an additional class then we will try to organise this, subject to availability, at a cost of £18 per class. This will be at our sole discretion.,

Forms of Payment

Our accepted methods of payment are Standing Order, BACS transfer or cash and for regular attendees we prefer either Standing Order or BACS transfer.

We do not accept either cheques or card payments.

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