ZEN•GA Level 1 Mat

The ZEN•GA Level 1 Mat Course will help us explore the foundational principles that make up the method and apply them to movement programs designed to help reach the desired goals.

This is a seven-hour in-class training (plus one-hour break) – and some yoga or other mind-body training is highly recommended.

Zenga Matwork - Prayer Pose
Zenga Matwork - Prayer Pose

What You Will Learn

  • The four ZEN•GA Mindful Movement principles
  • Experiential exercises on the Mat to reinforce these principles
  • The definition of fascia and an introduction to the new model of training termed fascial fitness
  • The benefits of training the neuromyofascial web
  • An introduction to a new field of study in the human body called biotensegrity
  • Exercises on the Mat that explore the Myofascial Meridians

Continuing Education Credits

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