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Pilates is often misconstrued by sportspeople as a pseudo-exercise. Something that has no place in the training schedule of serious or elite sports people. If you are of that persuasion then listen to Chrissy Connelly explain why Pilates should be a ‘go to’ exercise system for any sportsperson serious about their performance.

Why Pilates Will Make a Difference To Your Sporting Life

Whether we are talking about team sports, individual sports or endurance events, Pilates is featuring more and more in elite sports training programmes. But why are athletes turning to Pilates at an ever increasing frequency? Here are some of the factors at play.

STOTT PILATES® exercises build a strong, stable Powerhouse that enables us to generate and channel power output more effectively. This is one of the major reasons elite sports people are incorporating Pilates in their training schedules.

Pilates builds a strong Centre and Shoulder Girdle to create  a robust framework to which is attached our limbs. Pilates also strengthens our arms, legs, joints and points of attachment. Together this improves muscular control, coordination and stability.

A well designed Pilates programme will correct the postural imbalances that leave us vulnerable to injury and will create a stable platform for us to work with in training and competition.

STOTT PILATES also helps speed up our recovery from injury. Using the STOTT PILATES Reformer enables therapists to design a programme of exercise targeting the the root cause issues of the injury, helping you to mobilise earlier and recover quicker. 

Pilates is focused on building longer, leaner muscles rather than muscle bulk. This has the effect of improving flexibility and range of motion as the muscles become more elastic and extensible. This helps to improve agility and lower injury rates.

Pilates reinforces the bond between mind and muscles, building awareness of which muscles are working and how to recruit the ‘correct’ muscles to provide movement and stability. The use of the Reformer and other STOTT PILATES equipment helps us to internalise these connections more quickly and as these motor patterns and muscle memories develop they become directly transferable to our chosen sport.

The extra stability and strength Pilates brings to the Powerhouse and the efficiency it creates in out kinematic chains enables athletes to generate more power and transfer that power to the point of application more effectively.

Injury is a major factor in determining the longevity of a sports-persons’ career – whether through direct physical trauma or the more insidious accumulative damage accrued over a playing career.

STOTT PILATES can help combat both of these by increasing our resilience to injury in the first place and by correcting the potential postural imbalances created by the continued repetition of the same movement cycles.

Many Pilates exercises help develop strength and control whilst the body is in unstable positions. Teaching the body how to remain stable in these positions benefits all sports people by increasing their range of effective application. Recreational sports people benefit in particular as  the underlying postural issues that reduce power output and stability are  more prevalent in this group as they don’t have access to the same level of intensive coaching as elite sports people. 

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