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Principle Pilates is a registered Hosting Centre for STOTT PILATES® (MERRITHEW™) Instructor-Trainer Courses, Workshops and Trainee certified examinations.  Our Lead Instructor, Chrissy Connelly and some of our Pilates Instructor clients talk about training with Principle Teach.

Teaching Pilates As A Career

Pilates has enjoyed a  huge growth in popularity in recent years, creating increased demand for Pilates instructors in the health and fitness sector, working either as instructors in health clubs or as freelance instructors working in a variety of locations and settings.

Pilates is also receiving increasing recognition as a valuable therapeutic tool and is used in rehabilitation from injury and in the management of problems such as chronic back pain. Increasing numbers of Pilates teachers are now working in clinical settings and many physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths are incorporating Pilates instruction into their core skill set.

With the UK health and fitness industry continuing to grow, there is every opportunity to start a great career in teaching Pilates.

What Makes a Good Pilates Teacher?

There are a number of qualities needed to become a good Pilates teacher:

  • A passion for health and fitness
  •  A genuine desire to help others
  • An interest in human anatomy and biomechanics
  • Good communication skills
  •  An interest in and desire to work with people
  • Good observation and analytical skills
  • Ingenuity and imagination to make learning fun
  •  The ability to inspire and lead others

In addition to these personal qualities a background in dance, fitness or movement is essential, as is a minimum of thirty hours participation in Pilates classes.


Whether you are already a practicing Pilates instructor interested in expanding your current skillset or you are new to Pilates instruction completely, there are several good reasons for investing in a STOTT PILATES training course.

Instructor Training on Stott Pilates Stability Chair

Reputation and Opportunity

STOTT PILATES is recognized worldwide as a leading brand in Pilates instruction.  Certified Instructors are sought after to work in a wide range of positions in the health and fitness industry, from studios and clubs to rehab and therapy practices. With a STOTT PILATES education there is a wealth of career opportunities to pursue.

Highest Professional Standards

All Merrithew training is recognised globally as being of the highest standard. STOTT PILATES instructors have to commit to a programme of continuing professional development to ensure that qualifications are maintained and that instructors are kept up to date with the latest training methods.

Continuing Investment and Innovation

Merrithew is a market leader in Mindful Movement techniques and equipment and is continually evolving and investing in its products and services. Training in STOTT PILATES, which is often referred to as the ‘Ivy League’ of Pilates education, means that you are part of a professional organisation that can support you as your skills and ambitions grow.

Tools and Equipment

Merrithew is second to none in the quality of its training materials and its equipment; providing you with the very best return on on your business investment.

Why Principle Teach?

Principle Teach is the leading Hosting Centre for STOTT PILATES on the south coast. Our instructors are of the highest standard and have a wealth of experience training people to become STOTT PILATES teachers.

We run intensive Courses and Workshops that aim to equip you with the training you need in an optimal timeframe without sacrificing either quality or professional standards. Our studio environment and location is set up to support this and our training is an immersive experience where students learn quickly, without distraction in a supportive environment.

Our studio is easily reachable by road, rail, air or ferry and the location is highly competitive in respect of accommodation and subsistence costs, offering free parking and with a wealth of accommodation and eatery choices in the local vicinity.

Overall we believe ours is one of the most competitive locations in the UK for professional STOTT PILATES and ZEN•GA® instructor training.

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