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At Principle Group we believe we offer something different. Meet the Principle Team and some of our clients and take a look at what we do:

Our Philosophy

Principle Group came together to respond to a problem that we believed wasn’t really being dealt with by traditional Pilates or Physiotherapy services.

  • Our Physiotherapists were treating more and more clients that were on a merry-go-round of injury, treatment and re-injury and who were struggling to find a long term solution to their problems.
  • Our Pilates Teachers were seeing clients with issues that were many years in the making and who now had mobility and musculoskeletal difficulties despite having otherwise fit and healthy lifestyles.

Bringing together our expertise in STOTT PILATES®, Merrithew™ Mindful Movement techniques and Physiotherapy, we saw a way of changing this dynamic.

Incorporating STOTT PILATES in our Physiotherapy regimen enables us to  speed up recovery and build resilience to re-injury, breaking the cycle of injury-treatment-re-injury.

Supporting our clients in investing in a long term Pilates programme built around their specific needs helps restore body balance, increase flexibility, core strength and mobility; putting them in control of managing their long term mobility.

Providing a continuous and progressive maintenance programme for our clients breaks the mould of short term fixes and recurring problems.

That’s the Principle Difference

Do Any of These Apply to You?

The injury-treatment-re-injury cycle impacting your favourite sport or pastime?

STOTT PILATES extends range of movement and builds resilience to injury, all critical to regaining and retaining competitive fitness.

Want to reintroduce regular exercise back into your life but not sure where to start?

STOTT PILATES offers a structured, progressive route back to fitness that we can tailor to your individual needs and circumstances.

Already leading an active lifestyle but looking for a little more flexibility and tone? Concerned about keeping active in later life?

STOTT PILATES compliments both cardiovascular exercise and strength training programmes, helping to improve body balance, range of movement and core stablity – all helping to keep you fitter for longer.

Already work in the fitness industry? Are you a Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor? Already teach Pilates?

Incorporating STOTT PILATES in your practice and skillset will present exciting new opportunities. Learn with us and we’ll help.

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